Time Saving Tips for Network Marketers


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Online Marketing Time Saving Tips

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If you’ve come from an employee background,  you’re more than likely used to someone else holding you accountable on how you spend your time.

If you are,  then learning how to manage your time is critical for long term success in a network marketing business.



paula mckinney, home based business, network marketing, wahm, network marketing online, work at home, busy professionals, mlm, direct sales, freedom business



This can be a serious problem especially if you have another full time job and family.

But this I know for sure…. if you can’t manage time in your business while part time then you can’t manage it full time.   So don’t let the excuse slip in that you would be successful “if only you could go full time.”    That’s simply not true for most people.

Here are some time management tips that I use every week in my business.

Prospecting in number one.  When you’re planning your week and writing an action plan carve out 85% of your time talking to people about your business.  Make this a priority.

If you’ve gone through your warm marketing and asked for referrals, you may be wondering where to go from there.   You’re list has to continue to be fed.   If you want to start a blog and an online brand to attract leads, this can take time.   So what can you do to continue to prospect while building online?   Grab some home business opportunity leads.

Don’t be afraid to do this.  It works.   It helps to keep your prospecting fresh and only makes you a better communicator.  And you will have sign ups if you learn how to do this prospecting method correctly.     Of course, it’s not as “fun” as generating leads online who come to you, but you have to be patient during that process.  Continue to build your online empire, but don’t stop prospecting in the meantime.

There has been many weeks that I haven’t generated all the leads I wanted to online.  I simply grab a list of home business leads and get to work.  I don’t overthink it I just do it.

I’ve gotten really good at these types of leads and learned to enjoy meeting new people this way.   It wasn’t like that in the beginning.  I was terrified of cold calling someone I didn’t know but after consistently using this method I got very comfortable and starting seeing success.

If you’re building a brand online through blogging and social media this is a major time commitment.   However,  I’ve learned some tips to save time and help boost my online brand automatically, even if I’m not working.


Business Hacks to Save Time

When I blog, I use blocks of time to be more efficient.    Each week my goal is to get 3 blog posts published.  I simply block 1-2 hours of my time each week and write all three blog posts in one sitting then schedule them to go out on certain days.

Almost everything I do is pre-scheduled.

  • I schedule my emails that go out to my list using Aweber, an email marketing manager.
  • I use Social Oomph to schedule social media posts on LinkedIn and Twitter that are sprinkled throughout the week.
  • I pre-schedule updates right on my Facebook business page.
  • Every morning I grab my “Prospect Tracker” and write down any leads that have come through my blog, ads or social media.  I also have it to add anyone I think of or run into while I’m out and about.  I always know who I need to call for the first time and who I need to follow up with.

(NOTE: You can grab my “Prospect Tracker” for free on the right of the page if you’re on your laptop or if you’re on a mobile device after this post.  I also give you some scripts on what to say to MLM leads and a great resource to get you prospecting today.)


  • I print out a list of mlm leads for the week and keep them with me wherever I go.  This helps if I don’t have as many leads as I need from my other advertising  sources.  So when I find myself with 5-10 minutes waiting somewhere I can call a lead and introduce myself to see if they are open to a business and schedule a time by phone or in person to go through the business presentation.
  • I use direct mail for follow up.   These are simple postcards to help me stay connected with all my prospects.    I can set up postcard marketing campaigns and then as I get new prospects simply add them to my contact manager.  They will then receive my postcards about my business for up to a full year, all on autopilot.

(NOTE: If you want to see the system I use for postcard marketing, GO HERE and we can schedule 15 minutes to get you up and running.)


With technology, social media, forever content on a blog or website, you truly can leverage your time in your network marketing business.    NOW is a great time no matter how much time you have to build a network marketing business.


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To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

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