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paula mckinney, home based business, network marketing, wahm, network marketing online, work at home, busy professionals, mlm, direct sales, freedom businessYou may have heard that Facebook is changing the way our Facebook business pages will be seen.   It’s becoming a “pay to play” platform.

However, this shouldn’t discourage you from keeping or starting a business page on Facebook.

Facebook recently changed the algorithm or the way your posts are seen.  This isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last.


So what do small business owners do to keep up?

Below I will share a few free and inexpensive ways to build a strong audience for your Facebook business page.

Facebook is now a public company and has investors that of course are interested in boosting business profits.

So one of the big questions is can small businesses who don’t have a big marketing budget still play?

I say yes.

Facebook still wants us to use it as a free social platform but wants to maintain a share of the business market.

The reality is organic (free) exposure will drop a few percentages for all business pages. But, at this time we can still do a few things to keep organic traffic seeing our stuff.

If you’re  going to have a business page you have to have a content strategy. What are you going to be sharing that will help the marketplace and serve as many people as possible in your niche?   You also have to maintain it daily to show consistency.    There is now a preschedule option that will help you save time.  Just look for that option when you want to post.


How to Increase Post Visibility for Free

There is one free trick that I have seen that has increased my organic traffic dramatically.

To be  exact it increased my reach 403% from one week to the next and increased my audience engagement 560%.  And in Facebook world your “reach” is the root of Facebook success.  I only did one thing which created this change….

I shared my own business page content on my personal Facebook profile.

To do this go to your business page, pick a post and hit the share button.  It will ask you to “Share with Friends”.    Your post will then show up on your personal Facebook wall, which will increase your reach to your friends and their friends.

Be careful that the content you are sharing with your friends and family is something that is valuable to everyone not just business owners.  For example, if you are sharing image quotes, financial advice, or lifestyle photos then that would be something that even your friends and family would want to see.   Create curiosity that will drive them to your page and ultimately to your business.

You want to use Facebook as a long term branding strategy that is mostly soft marketing.

You  should never be spamming your opportunity links on your Facebook page and definitely not on your personal profile page.   If you read the Facebook rules and regulations about your personal page, spamming your opportunity can get you banned.    It really doesn’t work anyway!

That’s one sure way of getting people to unfriend you. Make your posts engaging and interesting.   Something that can pique the interest of your audience.


An Inexpensive Way to “Boost” Your Audience

If you have a budget for marketing then there are some ways to boost your post and get more views that cost less than a few cups of your favorite fancy coffee.

The boost button is available on every post. It is an inexpensive way to get seen. For just 5 bucks you can reach 760-1500 people of your “Likes” and their friends.

$100-$150 will reach about 11,000 people and for around $200 you can double your reach to 22,000.

Know what end result you want before paying for any advertising.  Ask yourself what do you want your audience to do after they see your post.   Do you want them to join a webinar, link back to your blog, or drive them to a website?    Have a plan.

Only “Boost” high performing posts.


More Facebook Page Tips

Below is a list that will help you evaluate your Facebook page so you can know what’s important to focus on and some tips to help increase your engagement.

1.  Your “Talking About” number.  This is a number that anyone can see on anyone’s page.  This is the number Facebook evaluates you as a viral maker, no matter how many fans you have.  Get people engaged by posting quality, consistent content.  Ask questions and don’t be afraid of a little controversy.  The more comments, likes, and shares you have the higher your “talking about” number will be.

2. When you create or share posts type the Title in BOLD letters. Create a quick tease description and use an image that’s square or rectangular.   If you share a post from another page, but the image is not quality or doesn’t do the post justice, don’t be afraid to create your own eye catching image for that post.  Use or to create your own designs.   It’s fun, too!

3. Give your posts several hours not minutes to see traffic grow.  Facebook’s algorithm slowly seeds your post to your audience.

4. Use Facebook loaded videos only.  Whether your posting your own content or sharing others only use videos that are uploaded to Facebook.  No 3rd party posting.  Facebook only likes Facebook.

5. Like other Pages from your Page that relates to your audience.  You can then easily share their content to your news feed.    Important note:  Never share a  piece of content from another page that has a lower “talking about” number, it will kill the post immediately on your wall.

6. Keep an open hand when it comes to Facebook.  Remember, you don’t own the Internet real estate that is your Facebook Fan Page, Facebook does.  The powers that be can easily shut you down.  That’s true for any social media platform.  That’s why it’s important to have many different strategies for marketing your website or blog.  Don’t let that discourage you from building on any social media site because when it does work it’s a beautiful thing!


How to Measure the Success of a Post

To measure the success of a post look at the “reach” and the “engagement”.  The higher the number the better.

If you’re just getting started or want to get out of the Facebook page slump, create a 2 week strategy and get to work.   Don’t look at your analytics for 2 weeks.  This will give you some solid numbers on what worked and what didn’t.   Each fan page is unique and needs it’s own strategy.  It will take some trial and error.

Over post content.  You may think that posting 6-12 posts a day is a lot, but due to the Facebook algorithm  your audience may only see 3 or 4 posts a day.   Some very successful pages I have studied has a 24 hour strategy that has them posting 26 times in a 24 hour period.  Because they know that not 100% of their audience is going to see 100% of their content.    That’s where post scheduling saves time.

A good rule of thumb is to post 2/3rds of other people’s content and 1/3rd yours.

You may have some people message you that you’re posting too much.   Let it go.  Respond by gracefully telling them they will be missed but they are more than welcome to unlike your page.  Don’t allow a few negative people to derail you from your strategy.


Some Facebook Heavy Hitters

Below are some Facebook pages that I have studied to help get an idea for my personal strategy.  Feel free to like these pages and take notice of their “Talking About” number.

These are true viral makers!

Ray Higdon – a serious content maker with 87,000 Likes and 29,935 “Talking About” it.

Mia Davies – video marketing queen with 31,932 Likes and 6,053 “Talking About” it.

Art Jonak ‘s Mastermind Event Page  with 78,001 Likes and 7,193 “Talking About” it.

Eric Worre’s Network Marketing Pro Page with 589, 143 Likes and 10,617 “Talking About” it.

Sonia Stringer’s Savvy Network Marketing Woman’s Page with 103,236 Likes and 5,448 are “Talking About” it.


Check them out and learn!   It may seem overwhelming to think that you have to have this many likes on your page.  You don’t!   How would your exposure and brand grow if you just had 10% of the likes these people have?  So go for it!

Remember as you build your network marketing  business that the most important activity you can do is to actually talk to people about your opportunity.  Social media marketing is a powerful way to grow your brand and expand your marketing strategy, but know that it’s a LONG TERM strategy and takes time.

This may sound like a lot of work but business in general is a lot of hard work.  And for those who put in the effort will reap the rewards!

One of my goals for 2015 is to increase my reach on my Facebook business page.

If you have had success with your Facebook page please share below with your tips and tricks!   Share your link so we can “like” you!  Let’s help each other and make 2015 a year to remember!


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

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