Five Tips To Grow Your List Of Subscribers

Creating an effective email marketing strategy is one of the most important tasks in your business.   As we all know “The fortune in is the follow up.”

Gathering all you contacts, online and off, and plugging them into your email marketing system is going to save you time and money.  Once you have your visitor opt in to your list, providing consistently great content in your follow up messages is key to turning your subscribers into devoted readers.

Here are some tips to get those visitors on your list and eager to hear from you.

1.  Easy Opt-In Forms – Put your form in a prominent location, usually at the top of the page.  Unless you have a multi-page site and visitors browse the entire site, put the form on every page.  Keep it short.  Long forms can turn visitors off.   Always ask yourself “What do I need from the reader to get the relationship started?”  Usually it’s just the first name and e-mail.  Remember, your visitor doesn’t know you yet.  If you need more information get it later.

2. Always give the reader a clear benefit of subscribing –   What’s in it for them?  Your visitor is bombarded with dozens of emails already, so, give them something of value.  Tell them exactly what they will get and make it worth their time.

3. Use a privacy policy – Can your visitor trust you with their information?  using a privacy policy or statement close to your opt in form will address your visitors concerns.  They want to know how you are going to use their information and who you might share it with.  Your privacy statement doesn’t have to sound like you went to law school, just tell your visitor their information is safe with you.  Then make sure you respect it! They are just one click away from unsubscribing if you sell, rent, or abuse their information.  Google some sample privacy policies online to get an idea of what you should say.

4. Getting Valid Email Addresses – You can expect about 5-20% of the submissions will be invalid.  Some of those are from visitors not entering their email address correctly but, some include bots who intentionally enter bogus information to get to your thank you page in order to obtain marketing information.

So, should you ask your visitors to enter their email address twice?  Not a great idea.  The best way to make sure your visitors receive your emails is to use confirmed opt-in.  Have them validate their address after they sign up.  On your thank you page, show them how to confirm. Tell them if they don’t get that confirmation email it might be due to their mis-typing.  They should then return to your sign up page and try again.

5. If you are offering a download to your subscribers – Make sure you protect it.  If you are offering a free e-book or some other download make sure that the people who are getting it are valid subscribers.   Make sure you ask you subscriber to check their email to confirm their address then redirect them to another page that includes the free download.  You can also include a link in your email message for subscribers who missed the download page after confirming.  Follow this rule and you will decrease your bogus submissions just to get the free download.

Mastering this task and using a great email marketing service is key to saving you time.  Advertising experts say you must repeatedly be in front of your prospect 7 times before they buy!

Following up by phone seven times per lead is a big task.  Make it easy, and never again forget to follow up with a prospect – use an email direct marketing tool that has a proven track record and great training articles.  Your business will never be the same.

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