Use Your Warm Market to Build a Sizable Customer Base

Think of all the people you come in contact with on a weekly basis, and then imagine all of those people  they come in contact with.   Tapping into this market to create a sizable customer base will give you a strong retail foundation for your business.

Come up with a plan to simply notify your friends and family that you are open for business and that you are grateful for any referrals.

Whatever you do, don’t call them begging them to give you money for something they are not interested in. Or, to get them involved in the business if they were never looking to “be their own boss”.  Show this market respect and in return will respect you and your business.

Besides notifying your friends and family,

advertise locally.    Do you sell makeup?  Get out there and make appointments with makeup artists, or salons.

Do you market financial services?    Have financial seminars to teach people how to manage their 401K, or how to get out of debt.

Do you sell legal services?   Advertise to other business owners in the area about how to protect their businesses from lawsuits.

Direct Sales Party Plans are expanding and being used more and more to create huge organizations.  This method is not dead!

Direct Sales/Network Marketing business owners are creating great wealth with the Party Plan.   Learn how to promote using home parties or open houses.

Online marketing has become a great way to build your business, but, don’t overlook face to face selling.   People still like to get together and actually “see” each other.  Don’t leave all that retail money on the table.

Fundraisers are also a great way to get your product into the community, if appropriate for your business.

Thousands of organizations need to create more cash to fund their organizations.  If your company doesn’t have a fundraising method, get creative and make one yourself.

Think of all those kids going into the community selling your product.   Add your contact info to each item sold and drive traffic to you.   Repeat orders are very common in fundraisers but only if they know how to find you.

Bottom line, don’t overlook your warm market.   Get a daily action plan and commit to it.   Set goals to grow your customer base and ask for referrals.

Most people are very helpful and want to see you succeed.   And don’t forget EVERY business owner hears the word “no”.   That’s just part of life in business.

Know this for sure, there are thousands of people out there who do want your product, so go for it!


To Your Success!


Paula McKinney



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