What am I doing wrong?

network marketing, direct sales, team building, paula mckinney, wahm, network marketing online, busy professionalsIn network marketing and direct sales this is a commonly asked question when a new distributor has been working for a few months, signed a few people and sees little to no activity in his or her organization.


A high percentage of new distributors do little to nothing.   This is true regardless of the company, the compensation plan, or the sponsor.


I have studied countless people in different companies and organization and there is a recurring theme to success.  I would even say it’s THE key to successful growth in a business like ours.  It’s simple….

Consistently sponsor new distributors and teach the fundamentals over and over again until one, two, or three people go to work.  This is the only formula that works!

This takes commitment and focus which sorry to say most people just don’t have.  But, the great thing in our business you really only need a few that take it seriously.

Plan to show the business to 3-10 people a week.

Plan to sign up 1-4 people per month for 2-4 years.

So simple yet so easy to mess up.  It comes down to consistency no matter how you feel.

Is one presentation per day too much to ask someone to do to grow a significant income that has the potential to set them free financially?   Of course not!

So why do so many feel stuck?

You may be trying to manage your team which just doesn’t work.

Or you haven’t sponsored enough people to find the right people.

How do you know if you have the right people?

They are doing something.

They are showing up without you having to remind them.

And they are calling you with questions every week.

Take a look at your team.  If they aren’t doing these things it’s not your fault!

Just get back to work.  Set more appointments, expose your business to new eyes, sign new customers and new distributors then teach it over and over again.

“If you show your business to 1,000 people, you will make a six figure income.”
DeMarr Zimmerman,  top income earner in his company.


To Your Success,

Paula McKinney

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  1. I have 1,600 people on my team and I’m not even close to a six figure income. I can barely clear a five figure annual income! I share and I feel like I’m a good leader, but I just can’t make it work. I’m so frustrated.

    1. Hi Mary, I’m sorry to hear your’re frustrated. My biggest breakthroughs have been when I used a coach to help me dig deep and look at my systems and mindset. It helped me to see things I couldn’t! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Paula am New in d biz. I have joined dis amazing team which trains and teaches me on how to grow my network biz. I just came across ur article online am so overwhelmed. I need to leverage more on social media but I don’t know how.

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